How small business leverage Social and Digital Media

How small business leverage Social and Digital Media

While we all still believe that a business gets its maximum reach through
connecting with people and word of mouth has been one of the vital mediums to
market any business since the first sales letter had written on a clay tablet in
Babylon, but almost for the last decade, Social media has become the most
important fabric of the society. Since the credibility of social media is increased to
an incredible quotient, every entrepreneur is now scrambling to get on social
media. It has become the inevitable platform for personal branding,
communication, promotion and sales that is available to the contemporary
Now the question is not “Why Social Media” but “How”. So here are the few tips
on how small businesses can leverage social and digital landscape to grow.

First things First:
You might have heard it a hundred times now since the time you have started to
run your own business. So let us tell you one more time; Find your target audience.
You cannot sell apparels to someone who is a foodie. It doesn’t work that way.
Finding the right platform and an audience is as much important as creating a
powerful social media presence. Be mindful and do some serious research to
understand which platform will help you potentially in promoting your business
and the one that doesn’t hamper the process of reaching out to the audience.

Equal billing to social media
The heart remains the same. It is all about connection, no matter whether it is the
traditional way of marketing or the trending digital marketing. So give the same
importance to social media as much as you give to the person in your
sales/marketing department. One of the biggest mistakes is to separate the digital
space from physical business. Do you have a logo already? And a Facebook icon?
Yes, it matters.

Tweet cred:
Tweet cred is the measure of expertise that you share with your members and
clients through your tweets and posts. Developing tweet cred is very essential. No
one is continuously interested to know about how you are doing with your life and
what were your company’s achievements in that particular quarter. People out
there are starving for information that will benifit them, which is why it is
important to share such useful content about the industry or the field that you are
in. Dedicate posts that are only informative to others and not simply to showcase
your credibility.

People are always on the phone. Always!
Everyone is on Phone. Well, not everyone but yeah. Unless you have been living
under a rock for the last decade, you wouldn’t have seen anyone without a phone.
Starting from finding a partner in life to promoting a business, everything is online
now. And again, People are always on their phone. Make sure, if you create your
online website, the pages need to be responsive. Make your content easily sharable.
Incorporate sharing buttons on your pages that will help you reach a larger
audience if and when someone likes your content and they would want to share it
with their friends.

Traffic- Traffic:
Driving traffic to your page or blog is another art. One of the biggest sources of
traffic and visitors can Google+ communities. You can also create your own
community and also you can join different related communities having huge
members. Then share your quality content every day. But when it comes to
Google+ communities, you cannot share your one content on different groups at
the same time. It’s spamming.
There are a lot of other ways to bring traffic to your page or post because the
challenge lies there.

When you have a mouth, why do you need ears?
Yes, you are right. This sounds ridiculous, right? Exactly, our point. Listen as
much as you showcase. Again, it is all about connection and it is definitely a two
way thing. It is also the greatest strength of social media that everyone can voice
out their opinions. It can promote your business and also gives you an idea, where
you stand among the crowd and what is that one thing that you are missing out to
impress your clients.
Never miss an opportunity to tweet back when someone tweets to you. Respond to
comments, mentions and messages even if they are negative.
Mention app is the one of the many tools to monitor about your brand anywhere over the
The most important thing to be noticed when you use social media is that it is a
marathon and not a 100 meter dash. Clients and prospects should get to know the
real you on social media. However Likes doesn’t mean revenue. They aren’t profit.
Focus on building a strong relationship through your social presence and grow.

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